Malacca in West Malaysia is a place where many culture meet and fused. You must be able to enjoy and breathe in the historic feel of Malacca and this is only achievable through touring or walking around the town.


  • Walk around Stadthuys one of the most famous landmarks in Malacca
  • Go shopping at Jonker Walk Night Market
  • Hop on the Melaka River Cruise
  • Take a trishaw ride

Malacca, dubbed as “The Historic State” is a state that is found in Malaysia. It is located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula and is right next to the Straits of Malacca. It borders Nigeri Sembilan to the North and the Johor to the South. Malacca’s capital city Malacca City is 148 kilometers Southeast of Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia’s capital city.
Malacca’s historical city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 7, 2008.

It used to have monarchy as its form of government and has been the location of the earliest Malay Sultanates but monarchy, however, was abolished when the Portuguese conquered Malacca in 1511.

Malacca covers an area of 1,664 square kilometers and sits upon the Southwestern coast of the Malay Peninsula and opposite Sumatra.

You must be able to enjoy and breathe in the historic feel of Malacca and this is only achievable through touring or walking around the town.

Here are some of the state’s highlights that you might want to go.

Melaka Sultanante Palace

Melaka Sultanate Palace is found at Ayer Keroh and is set at the base of the St. Paul’s Hill. It is a wooden replica of Sultan Mansur Shah’s 15th-century palace and is believed to be painstakingly constructed in 1985 using traditional construction techniques and materials as based on accounts in the 16th century, Sejarah Melayu text.

According to the text, the palace was built without nails and was supported with carved, wooden pillars and featured a copper and zinc roof.


Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

The Cheng Hoon Teng Temple which is one of the main attractions in the destination is set along Jalan Hang Lekui in Jonker Street.

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is believed to be dedicated to Kuan Yi, the Goddess of Mercy – a black, gold and red – robed statue of this goddess stands in the central player hall.

It was built in 1646 and was billed as the oldest Buddhist temple in the country and is also known to many as the “Merciful Cloud Temple”.


Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary

Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary is located at Ayer Keroh which is situated approximately 15 kilometers northeast of Malacca town and is actually one of the most visited attractions in Ayer Koh. It is also known to many as “Taman Rama-Rama and Reptilia Melaka”.

It serves as home to a collection of animals ranging from jaw-dropping, colorful butterflies to more than 20 species of snakes as well as lizards, crocodiles, colorful koi fish, and few spiky hedgehogs. Don’t miss the fun and excitement in having close encounters with all these fauna wonders!


Jonker Street

Jonker Walk is a destination that is best visited during the weekends since it is a commonly acknowledged fact that visitors from all over the world flock to this particular street in Malacca for its vibrant night market. It is well-organized and has a wide array of stalls, polite and friendly hawkers, bargains stores which are very common in the area, as well as live music coursing throughout the street.

What seems more colorful than having a lively street party-like atmosphere?


St. Paul’s Church

St.Paul’s Church is a historic church building in Malacca, Malaysia that was originally built in 1521, making it the oldest church building in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

It is located at the summit of St. Paul’s Hill and is today part of the Malacca Museum Complex comprising the A Famosa ruins, the Stadthuys and other historical buildings.


Bukit Cina

Bukit Cina is the largest and oldest Chinese graveyard that is found beyond the territorial jurisdiction of China. It served as the ancestral burial ground of Malacca’s Chinese community which makes it commonly known as the “Chinese Hill”.

There are more than 12, 500 graves found in this graveyard, as estimated by the registry in Malacca.


Malacca is located on the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the Straits of Malacca, about 147 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur between the states of Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

If you are in West Malaysia, the best way to travel to Malacca is by road. Travelling down sourth via the North-South Highway from the KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) takes only a mere 90 minutes. If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, the journey is about 2 hours. From Johor Bahru heading north, it’s only 2 1/2 hours away.




Casa Del Rio

Casa del Rio hotel is the first 5-star Luxury Boutique hotel in Melaka built on the bank of the Melaka River, within sight of the historically significant Straits of Malacca. Designed to capture unforgettable views, the comfortable and luxuriously appointed rooms and suites of Casa del Rio Melaka are complete with all the modern amenities for guests’convenience.

The architectural design pays tribute to the Portuguese heritage of Melaka and the unique Melaka Sultanate. Whilst Casa del Rio Melaka blends with its historical surroundings, it also caters to the 21st century traveller with facilities such as an infinity swimming pool and high-speed internet access throughout the hotel

Hotel Puri
Hotel Puri Melaka is a boutique hotel in the heart of the old city of Melaka, surrounded by antique and bric-a-brac shops, it is only a stroll away from Melaka’s historical precinct.

The hotel is a carefully restored Peranakan house which once belonged to the decendants of an eminent philanthropist and rubber plantation owner, Tan Kim Seng. Extending 100 metres long, its distinct characteristics are its beautiful and intricately decorated façade and the impressive length of the house. Retaining its old charm, Hotel Puri Melaka provides modern amenities to the guests.

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