Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island in the Philippines, is a perfect getaway for peace loving people and those who want to do nothing but relax.


  • Have a fun at one of beautiful beaches that Bantayan Island offers
  • Swim in the crystal clear water in Santa Fe
  • Witness the sunset and capture stunning photos
  • Experience Holy Week in Bantayan

The Bantayan Island, situated to the west of the northern end of Cebu Island and is divided into three municipalities namely: Bantayan, Madridejos, and Santa Fe.

It has rich biodiversity which are declared protected areas through legislation. It has long white sand beaches which offer the tranquil and relaxing ambiance that will definitely relieve you of that stress that you have acquired due to your daily lives in the city.

Bantayan Island is a perfect getaway for peace loving people and those who want to do nothing but relax.

Some places you should visit are the palm-fringed shores of Sugar Beach, Paradise Beach and Virgin Island.

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is a very beautiful beach with fine white sand and magnificently aligned palm trees. It possesses a very relaxing ambiance that will definitely be enjoyable to travelers who wish to relax and escape the very loud city life.

There are also beach resorts in the area where you can book your accommodations at. There are also cafeterias or kitchen helpers to whom you could ask for assistance and to cook food for you.

Sugar Beach is a perfect getaway for families as well during the summer.


Ogtong Cave

Ogtong Cave is an extraordinary cave which has a beautiful pool inside where guests may take a dip and relax for a bit. Its pool has clear crystalline waters that are very appealing for photos. One will have to take man-made stairs to get to the pool.

This spot is usually visited by guests of the Ogtong Cave Resorts which is also found in the Bantayan Island.


Santa Fe

Sta. Fe is a municipality in Bantayan Island that is considered as the gateway to Bantayan and its island since it has and airport and some principal ferry ports. It serves as the access point to all of Bantayan.

However, it does not only serve as an access point but a point of interest for tourism as well. There are beaches in the area where tourists and locals could swim. These beaches, of course, has crystal clear waters and white fine sands.


There is a daily ferry service between Hagnaya on Cebu island and the port of Santa Fe in Bantayan. The ferry ride will take approximately 75 minutes.

From Cebu city you can travel to Hagnaya terminal by public bus or private vehicle. It takes about 3 hours.


The best time to Bantayan Island is the summer from November to May

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